Morning Glory Muffins


What’s a Morning Glory muffin?

Well, besides being a noble and succulent way to start the day, there is a bit of history behind Morning Glory muffins. Pam McKinstry created the original form in 1978. She possessed the Morning Glory Cafe on the Old South Wharf in Nantucket, New England. the moment you can find numerous variations of these muffins. But they’re substantially loaded with fruits and vegetables.


These muffins really pack a nutritive punch!

  • Raisins Raisins are an excellent source of carbohydrates for abidance athletes. Soak raisins in hot water for 10- 15 twinkles before adding to muffin batter.
  • Carrots Carrots are said to be the perfect healthy food. These are weight loss foods rich in nutritive value. They can ameliorate eye health, lower cholesterol and indeed help cancer.
  • Apple Apples may help ameliorate gut health and reduce the threat of habitual complaints. In addition to Granny Smith apples, you can also use Honeycrisp, Braeburn, or Pink Lady apples.
  • Coconut Although high in fat, coconut can give health benefits through its antioxidant and antibacterial parcels. still, if you are not an addict to coconut, you might want to forget it from this form.
    Are Morning Glory muffins healthy?

When asserting that a commodity is healthy, you can always argue. still, I must say that these muffins contain a lot of healthy constituents, so I put them in the healthy order. Besides being a great breakfast, a morning muffin is also a succulent snack!


Variants of muffins

Still, you’ll notice that numerous fashions differ depending on who’s making them! This is an easy do-it-yourself form If you look at Morning Glory muffin fashions. Then are some ideas

  • If you do not like raisins, add nuts, similar to cranberries.
  • Use lower brown sugar or replace it with honey. However, use a little lower brown sugar, keeping thickness in mind, If you are substituting for honey.
  • Try another type of nut, like peanuts. Or drop the bones.
  • Use gluten-free flour.
  • Cover muffins with sunflower seeds.
  • If you do not have orange juice, try another fruit juice like apple juice.
  • Go dairy-free? Try replacing the eggs.

How to store muffins

Once ignited, these Morning Glory muffins will keep for many days in a watertight vessel at room temperature. You

Can I indurate these muffins?

To assure! Once the muffins have cooled thoroughly, store them in freezer-safe holders for over to 3 months. When they’re ready to eat, let them thaw for a many hours at room temperature.